Persian Speaking Women of Alberta

A vibrant community working together to empower women and their families 

زنان پارسی زبان آلبرتا

Welcome to PerSWA

PerSWA is the community of Persian Speaking Women of Alberta, which strives to be a proactive, inclusive non-profit organization providing a broad array of support and services to empower women based on their shared values and culture, to connect them to useful resources, and to advocate for women’s rights and entitlement. PerSWA aims to promote knowledge sharing, community involvement and effective access to adequate resources.

What We Offer

PerSWA brings together the community of Persian Speaking Women of Alberta, to empower women and their families, including newcomers, in several ways. These include conducting community outreach initiatives, running fit-for-purpose programs, offering resources and tools, referring clients to like-minded organizations for specialized support and services, organizing workshops and events, and facilitating access to mental health support and resources. 

Settlement and Integration​

We understand that settlement and integration in a new environment is a challenging process for newcomers, especially for women and girls. PerSWA hosts an inventory of helpful resources to assist newcomer women and their families to settle and integrate in Alberta more smoothly. PerSWA also holds a various workshops, both virtual and in-person to provide clients with a wealth of information about immigrant support agencies and community resources across Alberta.

Mental Health and Resilience

Immigrant women's mental health is a growing public health policy issue. You can familiarize yourself with relevant resources, self-support techniques and methods through PerSWA's programs and contributing volunteers.

Women's Rights and Entitlements

PerSWA recognizes the value of the family in providing support, encouragement, love, respect, and empathy. Meanwhile, we believe that learning about your most important rights as a woman in Canada and Canadian society will enable women to play a more positive, impactful role in their families and community. PerSWA offers various initiatives to provide plain-language information about the applicable laws and rights of women in Canada. Relevant legal topics include family violence, relationship violence, workers right and standards, bullying, harassment, economic security, workplace barriers, childcare and support.

Things You Will Learn

School system

ESL Resources

Employment readiness

women's right in canada

Afghans Response

PerSWA welcomes partners from community organizations to place customized services for Afghan families.


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