Persian Speaking Women of Alberta

PerSWA is the community of Persian Speaking Women of Alberta, which strives to be a proactive, inclusive non-profit organization providing a broad array of support and services to empower women based on their shared values and culture, to connect them to useful resources, and to advocate for women’s rights and entitlement. PerSWA aims to promote knowledge sharing, community involvement and effective access to adequate resources.


Why is this a cause?

In this modern world, women are juggling  multiple roles in their family and adding the immigration to this would increases the pressure they experiencing and put them in such a vulnerable position. Immigration might leads to financial insecurity and dependence. In some cases language barrier causes isolation and lack of knowledge about community resources. All of these increase the mental health issues which is crucial to address. PerSWA’s vision is to bridge the gap by provide essential information and programs in Persian for Persian Speaking Women of Alberta.

High rates of domestic violence continue to impact the lives of immigrant women across the region, according to a report just released by the Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CIAWA).


"Immigrant women’s mental health is a growing public health policy issue. New immigrant mothers may be particularly vulnerable to less than optimal mental health following childbirth given the cultural and geographic isolation, socioeconomic factors, gender roles, and language difficulties that influence their postpartum experiences."

Joyce O’Mahony